Santa’s Wardrobe

A Few Pieces, Many Choices

My first “suit” was an inexpensive hand-me-down featuring a velour coat and pants, vinyl belt, and boot “toppers” to make my shoes look like Santa boots. I quickly upgraded to a semi-custom velvet suit from Adele’s of Hollywood. This is in the Coca-Cola style with buttons up the front of the coat and only a fur collar. After a couple of years in the mall, I realized I needed something much cooler and unique to my portrayal. The ladies at J & R Santaprises designed a multi-piece wardrobe from wool with custom embroidery. Add to this fully custom boots and a variety of belts, we can create a look expressly for your event. I also have quite a selection of ‘casual’ wear for off-season appearances.




Typical Indoor Look

A more casual Santa look that is perfect for indoor events. The waistcoat with custom embroidered reindeer still accepts your choice of Santa belts. Alternate shirts and socks generate many options from this one look.




Fur Front Coat for Outdoors

The traditional Santa suit with fur down the front. The coat with custom embroidered reindeer accepts your choice of Santa belts. This can also be worn indoors but a cool setting must be provided.





Traditional Indoor Look

This look combines both aspects of the first two looks. The custom embroidered waistcoat is teamed up with the traditional pants and fur-topped boots. This is the perfect look for those warm inside events where a more traditional is look is desired.



Parade Robe and Shawl

For Special Events

This is that “over the top” look when you want Santa to really stand out at your outdoor event. This can also be worn over the other suits for a grand entrance and then removed for the balance of the event.




Coca-Cola Suit

Velvet Suit with Button Front Coat

This is what you’re used to seeing in the vintage Coca-Cola ads. In those pictures, Santa’s coat buttons up the front like most of our winter coats look. This is only recommended for outdoor events once the temperature has started to drop.




Summer Santa

Great for Christmas in July Events

I have any number of casual shirts, shorts, slacks, socks, and shoes to create a fun look for your Christmas in July or any other summer event that you might want Santa to attend.