COVID-19 Response

(June 29, 2020)

My wife and I have come to the difficult decision that there will be NO in-person Santa visits during this coming 2020 Christmas season. This includes, but is not limited to, home visits, corporate events, photography studios, and public events. This also includes recurring annual events that have already been scheduled.  ALL personal appearances for 2020 are cancelled effective today.

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why this decision?

This pandemic appears as rampant as ever. I would never want to unknowingly pass this virus on to an unsuspecting child who, in turn, could pass it on to other family members. Likewise, with my age and prior respiratory history, if I contracted the virus from one of you it could be fatal for me. While I believe in vaccinations, I’m not convinced I want to be an early adopter of a vaccine that is produced for this virus. You do what is right for you.


why now?

As much as I want to honor and fulfill all appearances already scheduled for this year, I cannot in my best conscious fulfill them. I want to give each of you ample time to book another Santa in case you decide to go ahead with your planned activities.


are there any options to book you?

Actually, there is! One thing the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us is that we can continue face-to-face interactions using platforms such as Zoom, without physically being in the same room. I am excited to share that I will be providing live video sessions this year. I believe the most important aspect of the Santa visit is the interaction between Santa and the child. While there is no substitute for the special moment of your child sitting on Santa’s knee sharing their list of Christmas wishes, children are much more adaptable than we can be sometimes!

Additionally, Santa can also create a custom, prerecorded, message for your special someone for any occasion. This takes out the hassle of of meshing schedules and uncooperative children during the live chat.


WHEN CAN WE START BOOKING a virtual service?

Update, November 26, 2020: A few slots have been opened up beginning Friday, December 4th, running through December 23rd. Book early to assure your slot.

What is Your Next Event?

Hopefully, live events will return in 2021!

Rarely are any two of my visits the same. Different families, different children, different venues, different requirements, even different years at the same event, each one requires that I am able to mold my Santa portrayal to fit the desired experience.  With over a decade of portraying Santa Claus “under my belt” in any number of situations, I will work with you to develop the perfect Santa experience for your event.

Book early to assure your spot on the calendar!



Home Visits

Invite Santa for a personal and magical interaction between Santa and children of all ages in the comfort of your home. Other families, from extended families or friends, are encouraged to share in the experience.


Holiday Parties

Whether a structured event with a set and photographer, just mingling with the guests, or handing out Christmas bonuses, having Santa ensures a magical experience for all your guests.


Pics W/Santa

 If you are a photographer looking to expand your business through the holiday doldrums or are looking for that perfect Santa to make your Christmas sessions even more magical, you’ve come to the right place. It may be my favorite of my available services.



Santa loves a crowd! Santa also loves speaking to that crowd. It doesn’t matter the age, the venue, or even the time of the year, Santa can work with you to talk about a pertinent topic at your next gathering.


Print, Web, TV

Everyone loves Santa so what better way to promote your business, products or services than have Santa be your spokesman. Contact us today to see how Santa can fit into your next marketing program.

Other Services Available

What Can You Imagine?

There are so many things that Santa can be a part of and play a key role while doing it. The possibilities are truly only limited by what the mind can conceive.

Podcast Guest

New Car Delivery

Wedding Officiant

Birth Announcement

Selfies With Santa (Elfies)

Grand Opening

Birthday Party

Video From Santa


Amazing! Everyone loved him!

I requested The Atlanta Santa very last minute and he was extremely nice and kind! He did a fantastic job at our Christmas party and all of the girls loved him! Highly recommend.

– Sarah T.


I’ve worked with many Santas in the past and this Santa was the very best. Very laid back, easy going, excellent with kids, and patient with language barriers, senior citizens, and even fearful kids flocked to him! The kids ate breakfast, did their Santa things, and went to the playground. Santa even went to the playground and was swinging in the swings and answering all kinds of Santa questions, such as “where do you keep your wallet?”
Our ministry assistant’s 7 year old granddaughter has never sat in Santa lap until this event because he is just that good!

– Sara C.

Fantastic Santa!!

The Atlanta Santa was perfect for our event. He stayed in touch with me beforehand, was punctual, and was so patient with all the kids. I highly recommend him!

– Leslie O.

Wonderful Santa.

Santa was the best.

– Allison C.

Best Santa

The Atlanta Santa did an amazing job. He was the best part of our night. He was wonderful with the kids. He sat with each one, read to them, and even did a few magic tricks. I’ve been to a lot of Santa parties and I have never seen a more entertaining Santa. The kids were amazed, but the parents were more amazed. I couldn’t say enough great things about him!

– Latricia H.

Great Santa

He was very friendly and interacted wonderfully with the adults and kids.

– Natysha W.