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Soas to make expertly usable timepiece HYT produced a screw-don cron crafted from DLC coated umnd rubber to give theecessary water seal to a strapis cnstructed of a black rubber ase ntegrated fabric cntre ic a superior performnce sntheic fibe Made to be takn two extremes.

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Spired by thessicnd sports car of yesterday, theenew models are presnted them poished 3-part ase, metal (silvered dial) or rose gold plated (silvered or grey dial), water-reistnt to 50 m. Each versin ncorporates a colour rng about hel a wnk nto a car rimnd theley logo at 6 o'clock, true backis ngraved by usng a Healey carplus thevidual volume of tis watch.

The tourbilln chrnograph models appear two cassic versins crafted pnk gold or stanless steel which as a black or lacquered dial a cntemporary versin brushed um usng a slate grey dial.

The ticular Seaaster Sashore Plnetis actually nveiled for a 365 workng day contdon to your 2018 Olympic games.

Tis nd of versin of tisnoble Maple Ocen gong Diver iscloses a manificnt call ndscape. your silveTned cntact evnces a lng-sought persna which oftn appears to be som what possibi while usng theically fnctinal characteistics of diver look at. Tisisnot just theer check out yet a cassy, macho cncept of horological spndour.

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